Review: Yahoo! oneConnect for iPhone


Ever since the iPhone 3G came out, I've been looking for the perfect Twitter iPhone app. I've tried Twitterific, Twinkle, Twittelator,TwitterFon, Twittervision, and Twitxr.


Some of them are actually good and have some really interesting features. Such as: attaching pictures to a tweet (Twitxr), GPS location posting and seeing if anyone is near-by (Twinkle), and searching + add to following list (Twittelator).


But all that said, I've found my favorite Twitter app for the iPhone in Yahoo's oneConnect. It's a free app and it has a nice UI that is very user friendly.



Yahoo! oneConnect doesn't currently allow you to search for new people and "follow" them, yet. Nor does it the location-aware features of the iPhone just yet. This is of course, a preview version of the application. So it's still in beta. Then again, just about all of Google is in Beta forever.

The Update Status Screen


It does have some other features which won me over as well. Particularly, it's integration with Flickr. Being able to quickly see any new Flickr uploads of my Flickr friends is just great. I don't have to wonder if anyone posted new pictures.



oneConnect also ties into Facebook, which is just perfect since I have friends who don't use Twitter, but do use Facebook to update their status, pictures, etc.


oneConnect can also tie into your Bebo, Dopplr,, MySpace and Youtube. I don't have accounts on those yet, but it's nice to have 1 app for all these.



Of course there are some cons of oneConnect.

  1. You have to have a Yahoo account. (Accounts are free. And most people have one anyways. Plus, Yahoo has push mail for the iPhone, so why not?)
  2. The Contacts tab of the application does not tie into the iPhone's address book. Instead it uses the Yahoo's contacts from your mail account. Albeit this doesn't really bother or impact me at all.
Not to say this doesn't change. And Yahoo has stated that they are going to be adding in new application tie-ins also.


Here's the phobos (iTunes) link to download the app.


So, what's your favorite Twitter iPhone app? Why?