Recap: Design Community Twitter Hours 1/15/09


Chad Engle (@ChadEngle) hosts Design Community Twitter Hours every Thursday 6-8PM EST. To join in, just use #DCTH and others will respond to questions. Chad will also respond via @DCTH. You can follow the live tweets via

Yesterday's Topics Discussed:

  • The best file format for a illustration being used in a book to be posted online
  • Tips on how to start freelancing
  • How to best follow live updates of DCTH
  • Adobe InDesign vs QuarksXPress
  • Design books recommendations
  • PHP SQL Injection protection
  • Time restrictions on clients. Dealing with difficult clients.
  • What a corporate blog should look like? Similarities to the website?
  • Suggestions for a "cutesy" font
  • Steve Jobs' illness
  • Whether or not to back up your clients data/websites
  • What can make DCTH better
  • What app do you code in?
  • know of a good video podcast for CS4?
  • What is your favorite font currently?
  • Web standard resolution? 800x600?

The actual tweets:

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