On 37 Signals' REWORK


The folks over at 37 Signals recently released their new book called Rework. It's a business book on how they run their company and business.

REWORK is a brilliant book. Check out the book's website. The website contains videos and sample images of the contents.

Why You Should Read REWORK

The book is dirty cheap. It's under $10 on the Amazon Kindle and just over $12 in hardcover on Amazon. It's also an extremely short book coming in at just under 300 pages. I finished reading it less than 3 hours. All of the principles detailed in the book are brilliantly worded to the point that they'll feel like common sense. The principles are also nice and short so that you can actually remember and apply them. Jason and David don't throw a bunch of mumbo jumbo and useless buzz words.

This is a quick but very powerful read and definitely recommended for everyone. It's not a book just for business owners, CEOs or the cubicle workers. REWORK is a book that everyone at every level should read.

What's Next?

Head on over to the book's website and check out the PDF excerpt for a sample or just go straight to Amazon and order the Kindle version or Hardcover version.